Cecil´s Quest – František Skála


A versatile Czech artist František Skála (1956) in his new comic book depicts in a unique form of 322 photographs adventurous wandering of an easy-going fellow Cecil, who on one summer morning decides to visit his friend – anchoress Lída. He has no idea that he would not return before the land is covered with snow, enriched with experiences and new friendships. The story is captured in the real time and place. A complex technique employed while taking photographs of puppets in the outdoor environment using the cine-film resembled the process of animated film production, however, deprived of the comfort of studio facilities and technical equipment. It was close to the classical feature film production except that Skála accomplished the work of the whole film crew just by himself. The technical realisation itself could make a single story beginning with an almost one year long installation of each scene into a comic book style shot to a very sophisticated method of printing. The book is produced in both Czech and English editions.

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Rozměry 27 × 21.5 × 1.5 cm

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