Animator´s Calendar flies to London Book Fair 2018!

Before the end of the year, we got an idea and we decided at the last minute to produce something unique that is not here yet. Calendar created directly for animators – Animator´s Calendar! Both in Czech and English versions. It sounds banal. But believe it was hard work. Finding important dates, festivals, birthday animators, directors and much more during the month was really a hard nut to crack.

We didn´t even think we had to order reprinting soon. Now it’s March, and we are still sending Animator´s Calendar around the world. In April,  will be Animator’s Calendar exhibited at the prestigious London Book Fair (10th – 12th April, stand Marek Lewinson  no. 7A20) . We are very excited about this success!

In addition, we are already working on Animator´s Calendar 2019. We will really care. We have a perfect idea of ​​how Animator Calendar 2019 will look like. It’s not just a ordinary calendar, it’s much more. Soon we will discover more about its development, so do not forget to watch!

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