Private Higher School of Graphic Arts and Graphic Arts Center in Jihlava organize intensive classes of classic or 3D animation for the public in August in the building of the VOŠG Jihlava school. Both types of courses last for five days after 40 lessons. If you choose a classical animation course, you can enjoy cartoon, flat, semi-plastic, but of course puppet and plasticine animation. These and other animation technologies are presented in the HERE section. At the same time you will learn the most important software for stop-motion animation – Dragon Frame, which also uses LAIKA animation studio, etc. Animation skeletons will also be available. And if you do not have enough, you can get straight to the course at this basic course. The 3D animation course focuses on beginners who learn the basic elements for 3D modeling and, of course, the animation of objects they are modeled on. The course will be taught in Autodesk Maya.