Production: Zagreb Film

Length (in meters): 265 m

Duration: 09’36“

Shooting technique: ST 35 mm color

On the beach, a tourist inflates and blows up a whole village in plastic. In this painted and inflated ambiance there is an ersatz in plastics for everything, including sentiments.
On the beach, a passionate love develops, provoking jealousy, venegeance and at the end — a tragedy. But all this is blown away in one go as soon as a small nail gets involved into the proceedings.

Direction: Dušan Vukotić

Script: Rudolf Sremec

Music: Tomica Simović

Animation: Dušan Vukotić

Camera:Zlatko Sačer

Editing: Tea Brunšmid

Scenography: Zvonimir Lončarić


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