1. part: Making of the film Goose: making animation props

As promised in the last article, where we write about the newly created combined animated film the Goose (2020) by Jan Mika from Filmofon studio, we bring you the first making of video!

Although a large part of the film comes from animation software, the preparation phase can not be done without the model´s making. These models will be later scanned and underwent further digital editing. Combining real 3D models and animation puppets with computer animation will create very interesting and unusual shots. This is a technology that is not much used in our country. However, according to us, this is a way to keep classic techniques such as puppet or paper animation and give them a new, modern form.

You can judge this yourself in this making of videos, at the end of which you will see the final art style of the film:

What do you think of such animation? Soon we will publish another making of with behind the scenes of the Goose, where we will introduce the next steps necessary for the preparation of the combined film.

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