Congratulation! Tim Burton celebrates 60th birthday! Let’s slander!

Timothy Walter Burton (from now rather just Tim Burton) celebrates his 60th birthday! If Tim had been born a few years earlier, in 1913,he would have invited Walt Kelly to celebrate with him. Walt Kelly was Disney animator, who would have to blow out 105 beautiful candles today. But back to Burton, who is animating today just like Australian Adam Elliot – a bit distant at all.

But we might be wondering, maybe he’s just bending over the animation table somewhere in the cellar right now and enjoying it. However, there were times when Tim Burton was a real animator. He even worked for Disney, but because his zombie´s sketches did not fit too much for Winnie the Pooh, their cooperation did not last long. Honestly, can you imagine Burton like ordinary animator? We already can, because we have seen the video a bit below. It must have been a purge for him. Poor boy. But let’s keep up with the modern look – it must have been a great experience for him! After all, the following video is proof that Tim was really enjoying his work:

But we are not any scandalmongers and we’ll tell you more about the life of ex-girlfriend Helena Bonham Carter and more (opening Wikipedia). We’re not going to write about shielded facts like Big Fish, Alice, Batman, Charlie and secretly in love with Johnny Depp, because we would all dying here.

Let’s start. Tim spent his life in one of those little wooden white house that were a lot in Burbank. In the same city, just 18 years earlier, Walt Disney built the largest animation studio in the world, where hundreds of people were working there at the time. Today´s Tim Burton has not too much time for his own art´s work,  but he has spent a lot of time in his teenage by production of stop-motion animation. Later, he told the public that he found a great inspiration in big cemetery behind the childhood´s house in Burbank. This was terribly surprising to us.

His first stop-motion animation was not a glory, but we have to admit that he later made quite good animations and we forgive him for this initial mistake. It was 1971, when thirteen-year-old Tim finished his first combined stop-motion horror, The Island of Doctor Agor. Sorry, but this information is useless for you,  because we did not find the movie. But now you know it and you can be a smart.

Maybe it’ll be a shock for you, but Burton wasn´t good student. The only thing where he protruded during high school studies was water polo. But as we already know, he did not go to the olympics and fortunately began drawing, painting and watching movies. However, here we have scraped Tim Burton in swimsuit for you. But before you start laughing, remember yourself in his age.

Tim Burton then began studying at the California Institute of the Arts, where in 1974 he joined the bachelor programm called “Character Animation”. We do not want to grab too much, but it would be nice if we could study this legally in our country too. He graduated with a short animation called Stalk of the Celery Monster, which opened the door to Disney’s hell, but naive Tim still did not know about it. There he work like an animator, sketch and storyboard artis. As we know, Bambi didn´t suit to him, and soon Burton would have to take his own way.

Even before leaving Disney he finished his first famous animated puppet movie Vincent, which started Burton’s movie career. Since then, he produced clearly animation, and before Burton made his next animation, he was part of many other projects that did not relate to animation at all.

We’ll skip all of Burton´s live action movies and we’ll go straight to 1993, when The Nightmare Before Christmas came into the world. But since Vincent’s production has gone a long way and Burton has shot several movie blockbusters, so when he was to shoot this animation, there was simply no time to go into directing or even animating itself, Burton has become a producer and from then on he was just a production supervisor or another, unimportant, position.

With Henry Selick, director of The Nightmare Before Christmas, he later worked as a co-producer on the combined stop-motion movie James and the Giant Peach.

Burton returned to the animated puppet movie a few years later (it makes us a little bit of an impression that animation have always got tired and needed time to recover). Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride is probably the most popular and the most famous animated film he ever made. Even the blind would recognize that Burton was copying the motifs of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but it just happens that we rob ourselves. Fortunately, we can always alibistically justify  we have been inspired a that´s it.

And we’re approaching the end of Tim Burton’s animated movies. The last one is Frankenweenie. It’s a remake of the feature film of the same author from 1984. It’s ironic that Disney’s Studio has distributed this movies, but when younf Tim worked for them, they didn´t use any of his sketches for then projects. Have Tim Burton quitted with the dead motives or Disney have moved to the dark side? What do you think – who won the game of collaboration?

We already have a tip for the winner. But let’s keep you awhile. Let us introduce you to the new Dumbo! But…happy B-day, Timothy! They got you!


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